Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Working With Your Ideal Bride...Or Not

Ever been in a room full of people and unable to connect with any of them in any way, shape or form? I's an uncomfortable feeling. And the worst part is, sometimes you just can't get up and leave. So you stick around and try to make the best of it by smiling nicely and trying to engage conversation relevant to the occasion. Eventually though, available subject matter is non-existent and you're left with...dead air. Sound familiar?

Working with a bride that isn't an ideal client for you may feel the same way. During the initial consultation, you are both assessing each other and trying to determine how well you will work together. She's trying to pick up clues into how responsive you'll be and vice versa.

~Are you bossy?
~Is she calm?
~Are you polite?
~Is she flexible?

Throughout the conversation, you'll be able to tell if this is the bride for you based on the preferred answers to these questions. Your potential bride however, may not have the skills to tell if you are the planner for you.

Brides count on us to be the professional in this situation...including the psychology of it If you don't feel that she is your ideal bride, finish the consultation...and inform her that you will follow up with her in a day or so. Don't just blurt out during the meeting that she isn't "your ideal bride" and tell her she'll have to find another planner. (This REALLY happened to someone I know!)

When you do call her, share with her that your company specializes in "X" and that you're more than happy to refer her to "Planner Y", who specializes in "Y" types of service and would be the perfect fit for her and her wedding vision.

Hopefully you have developed some key business relationships with other planners in your local area. Call the planner and let them know you referred them to a potential client. More than likely, both bride and planner will thank you!

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Justine Miller said...

Yes, it is important to remember that not every client is the right client for you ;) well written wendy

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