“I was stuck and didn't really know who my target client was”

Before working with Wendy, I was stuck and didn’t know how to find my niche. I had a website and company name but I didn't really understand who my target market was or how to reach them. Wendy really pushed me to think about my business and how important it was to market it the correct way. Because of this I knew that the business needed a makeover so I could attract my ideal client.

Wendy really stretched me; and with her guidance, I did my homework and now I feel like my business is moving forward. I've created a whole new company identity and I finally feel that I’m making process. I was surprised at the results I achieved and recommend that aspiring planners and anyone in the creative business that feels stuck or need direction in terms of business and marketing to hire Wendy.

Debra Meadows
Purple Meadows Planning Studio
Los Angeles, CA

“Once I met Wendy, I wasn't skeptical at all.”

Once I spoke to Wendy, I wasn't skeptical about hiring her to coach and mentor me. Plus, I met her in person and that really put me at ease. I had no idea where to start when I decided to launch my business last year. Since deciding to work with Wendy, she is guiding me throughout my business setup...helping me with forms, how to work with my brides, marketing, etc. It's actually been very easy since she's shown me what to do. The coaching has been worth every penny!

Cristina Perry
Cristina Perry Events
Atlanta, GA