Interview With Wendy

Please take a moment to read this page before scheduling your get acquainted call with Wendy:

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a business planning expert? 

My story started when I was in high school and I needed to fill my senior year class schedule with some elective courses.  The plan was to study physical therapy in college and I had taken all the college prep courses I needed by my senior year.  I decided to try a few business courses so that if I ever owned my own company one day, I'd have a starting foundation.

I took an accounting course and never looked back.  I studied at UConn in their business program.  I went on to work in accounting departments for diverse industries for the next 20+ years including food services, real estate management, precious metals trading, oil refining and gas...and ended up in a Director of Finance position for a social services company in Phoenix, Arizona.

In 2005 after a life changing conversation with my husband about working in a career that I enjoy; I took my talent for organizing great family gatherings and special events and started Sacred Moment Weddings, a wedding planning company.  I have done very well with the company and I still do about 3-5 weddings and other social events a year, but have naturally gravitated back to the business side of things for the last 18 months.

As I was building my wedding planning company, many aspiring planners I met along the way would ask me for advice on how I structured and organized my company.  I started to spend more and more time helping and coaching them on what to do in their businesses instead of marketing my own.  Soon, I created the Aspire to Plan blog so I could start to share my advice on a larger scale.

In a little more than a year, I've grown it into a full service, business coaching practice.

Who are your clients?

I work mainly with small business owners and self employed professionals in the wedding and event industry.  Mostly wedding planners, however the expertise I have is really applicable to many types of small businesses, especially those that are most often started as home based businesses.

How are you different from other business coaches/consultants/mentors?

Just like I worked to make sure the companies I worked for operated effectively and efficiently...and as I worked with brides to make sure their wedding day was as close to flawless as possible; I really want you to succeed!  I'm like a "behind the scenes agent" that works hard to make sure her client has the best business setup possible.

Plus, I only work with self employed professionals in the wedding and hospitality industry...that's it!  I'm not some boring business coach that wants you to use concepts developed for the strategies are designed to work for the unique, small business owner in a creative and exciting field...even though the basics will work in any industry.  I've just refined them for the wedding and event industry.

Do you have any formal education or has this all been learn-as-you-go?

Some of what I've learned has been on the go but most of my formal business education after college, where I studied accounting and software engineering, has been spent in small to medium sized companies.  I started out as a bookkeeper and worked my way up to a Director's role.  I've been instrumental in creating finance and administrative teams...sometimes from scratch; business ops. and systems, as well as policies and procedures for many of the company's accounting and finance departments.

I also worked closely with the operations teams in many of these companies so I have a very broad background in how to start and maintain a business.  I also speak nationally on the subject of business planning, budgeting and forecasting.

You have a very broad background in business! What results transfer to me as a client as a result of this?

One of the best ways you benefit is that I know what works in terms of business systems for small to medium size companies.  I've spent a lot of time analyzing the business processes in the companies I've worked for.  It was my job to create systems that matched their workflow as opposed to giving them some canned or generic system.  It's really all about how you work as an individual and setting your systems up to fit you and your work style.

What is expected of me as a client?

I need you to be super excited about building your business.  If you are a motivated, self starter who just needs someone to guide you down the straightest path possible, then my coaching will help you.  There will be specific action steps for you to take in order to create a solid business plan geared to help you succeed. If you follow these steps and put all excuses aside, you'll be successful.  Don't get me wrong...we all have our moments and setbacks...but if you stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize, I'll be there with you every step of the way!

What type of person will NOT be a good fit for you?

Plainly and simply, I won't work with whiners and people who make excuses.  I also won't work with a client if they aren't in a position financially to build their business properly.  It takes money to start a business and its better to wait and save the startup capital needed instead of putting pressure on your financial livlihood while building your business.

While saving money for your startup costs, read the Aspire to Plan blog and be sure to sign up for the Aspiring Ideas newsletter, which is located in the top right corner of the blog.  When you are ready we can move forward the right way!  I'll be here waiting for you!

Wendy, based on everything I've read and heard about you, I know you're the one I want to work with. What are my options for getting started?

To start, let's speak on the phone and get acquainted. I have several different options for you to choose from and I'll help you make the right decision for you.  Even if that means telling you that you aren't quite ready for my coaching program just yet.  I really want what's best for you and I promise to help you get there!  You can contact me directly at 1-888-316-8430 or via email at wendy {at} aspiretoplan {dot} com.

If I'm not sure I'm ready to get started yet, how can I sample your expertise at low cost to see if it's the right solution for me?

One simple way to sample my services and knowledge is by subscribing to my newsletter and reading the articles I post on my blog.  Reading these will help you to set the foundation for starting your business. They're each a great way to get to know me and how I deliver information.

OK, I'm ready to move forward, but I have a few concerns I'd like to discuss first. When do I call? 

You can contact me by phone during business hours at 1-888-316-8430. Office hours are generally 10am-6pm MST Mon–Fri or you can send an email requesting that I call you. We'll have about 20 minutes to "get acquainted" where I'll walk you through my process and services to see how I can help. I can't wait to team up with you to plan your success.  I look forward to working with you!