Monday, July 6, 2009

Aspire to Plan: One 2 One Coaching

Over the years, I've received many emails and phone calls from aspiring wedding planners, asking for advice on how to get started as a wedding planner or asking for guidance on a particular issue they are having in their new business. With the multitude of information on the internet and in bookstores, I've always felt, "why so many calls? Getting started or finding answers shouldn't be this difficult".

One of the main frustrations I hear about from new planners is that they are unsure of where to begin or what steps to take and in what order. Some of them find that resources available to them in books, on the internet or through organizations they've joined, fall a bit short...and that they don't give them the step by step roadmap or blueprint that some people need in order to succeed. And while I believe that joining wedding industry organizations and associations are beneficial for some, they are not for everyone.

I thought about my own pathway to becoming a wedding planner. I remember being faced with some of the same frustrations. I looked at all the different systems and processes I put in place for my business and how great they worked. I decided that I wanted to share those systems and processes with others.

Beginning today, on a limited basis, I am pleased to offer One 2 One Coaching...intensive business building and coaching sessions designed for aspiring wedding planners. These sessions are for individuals looking to start or enhance their business with the right tools and strategies to elevate and further define their wedding planning career.

Coaching will be offered by phone or face to face and will be tailored to each individuals needs. I'll do an in depth interview with each candidate for coaching, to assess what tools and strategies they need to move forward in their career.

Additionally, in order to build my practice, during the month of July, I'll be interviewing candidates for scholarship coaching sessions. These sessions will be offered to two individuals who are in the very early stages of building their wedding planning business. Coaching will begin on August 10, 2009. If you are interested, please email me at the address below for instructions on how to apply.

For questions and more information on my One 2 One Coaching or to request an enrollment form, please email me at coach {at} aspiretoplan {dot} com or call the office at 888.316.8430.

I'm excited to get started...are you?

Until then...

Aspire to Plan!


Lisa Michelle said...

Oh Wendy,

I heart the new Logo... Congrats lady!

Anonymous said...

Wendy! This is great! I hear this a lot from aspiring planners too.. Great to have a resource to refer them to! Awesome! Michelle Loretta

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