Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Toot Your Own Horn With a Press Release

I was in the mountains yesterday and didn't realize this post was MIA! Here ya go...

Ok, this challenge will stretch your writing skills...

I hear from many aspiring planners daily. Some talk about successes they've had; others talk about struggles they face. One thing is clear to me...getting the word out about their business and finding new clients to serve is a top priority.

I learned early on that in order to be known in this business you must first present yourself professionally and offer value. Press releases are a great way to do that. They cost you nothing except some time and creative writing. Sending them to your local contacts and the media is a great way to spread the good news about the wonderful milestones you've reached and what you are doing in your business. For instance:

-Did you just launch your business?
-Have you and your team recently donated your services at a local charity?
-Have you begun to offer a line of retail products to your clients?
-Did you hire a new assistant or intern?
-Have you re-branded recently?

Here's the challenge: Write a press release about your business. Email it to amy {at} aspiretoplan {dot} com. Please insert the following into the subject line: "Aspiring Challenge-Press Release" The deadline for submission is midnight on Tuesday, May 25th.

The aspiring planners with the three most compelling press releases sent in will be featured here on the Aspire to Plan blog next Thursday, May 27th. Also, each of them will receive their choice of a $25 iTunes gift card or a $25 Amazon gift card.

I'll be your biggest cheerleader, but you've got to come with it! So go ahead...toot your horn, girl!

Good Luck!
Until next time...

Aspire to Plan!


Shayna Walker said...

That's a great idea Wendy. Love what you bring to this community and the generosity with which you give back to aspiring planners. I can't wait to see the winning press releases!

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