Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How's Your Networking Coming Along?

One year ago (wow, practically to the day!), I shared my perspective on networking with veteran wedding professionals.  I called them "stars".  Have you met with the vendors in your community to get to know them since then?  If you haven't, shame on you!

If you have, good job!  You are well on your way to creating a wonderful network of support as your business grows.

For those of you that haven't grown your network, today I challenge you to make a list of all the vendors in town you would like to meet.  Next to each person's name or business, write down their phone number, email address and physical address (if they have a store front) and create a timeline to reach out to them.  Make a commitment to touch base with at least two vendors a week...whether it's by email, hand written "hello" note or a phone call.

Make a date to meet for coffee or lunch.  Learn about their business and who their ideal client is.  Share your story as well, but make sure you make the meeting more about them...not you.  Remember...they need to learn who you are before they will know, like and trust you.  Once this happens, why wouldn't they refer business to you?

Now get out there!  And if you need help with what to say and how to "present" your business, reach out to me...I'll help you come up with something that sizzles! :)

Until next time...

Aspire to Plan!


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