Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Seven Steps: Will You Niche Yourself or Offer a Speciality?


When you talk about your business will you target every bride out there? Or will you be different? To narrow your target market, you may decide to niche yourself and/or offer a specialty. It could make all the difference in your business if you do.

Consider the following scenario:

A bride and her fiancé are BIG on family. They want a wedding that celebrates both their families' traditions and one that really includes everyone in a big way. They both come from a strong family core and they want their reception to be just like a holiday get together, only more elegant than a backyard barbeque!

They have two wedding planners in mind for their big day. The marketing copy for one of them says, "We handle all the details so that you can enjoy your special day." The other one says, "We specialize in helping you plan a wedding that reflects and celebrates the importance of family!"

Which one do you think the couple will want to interview more?

Please don't get me wrong...there are several other considerations that this couple must take into account before they hire a planner...experience, personality and customer service to name a few. But the second planner has a much better shot at capturing this particular couples' attention because of how their marketing materials "speak" to them.

Niching is not a decision you make overnight. It will take time once you've done a few weddings and experienced several different types of bridal clients. Please...don't stress over it or feel as if you must figure it out now. It will come with time and experience and often, naturally.

Until then...

Aspire to Plan!


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