Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Create An Operational Checklist - Your Business Will Love You For It!

Literally! Your business will produce better results if you set up systems to get things done. Sort of like a to do list on steroids!

Seriously...I've setup a certain days of the week to accomplish certain tasks. It helps me to stay on top of my bookkeeping, marketing, client appointments, etc.

When your operational checklist is documented...and I mean typed up or written down, not in your can delegate easier and should you not be able to work, provides a nice road map for your assistant or designated hero (mine is my husband) to step in if they have to.

For instance...

I just hired a virtual assistant (Hi Amy!) and she will handle several marketing tasks for me each week. They are all things that are part of my marketing plan I put in place at the beginning of the year. There will be minimal training involved because I have it all laid out in a step by step checklist so she will have a road map on when to do what. I'll just give her the content each week and she'll take care of the rest.

I have also designated one day, every other week to do my bookkeeping. I started my accounting career as a bookkeeper and it comes natural to me but like you, I really don't like to do it. It's boring, tedious and doesn't involve anything creative. (It's one of the main reasons I now work in a creative industry...YAY!!)

The system that I have in place involves a simple spreadsheet template that I've created to track all my income and expenses. It's SUPER easy to use and doesn't require any special training. I share it with all my coaching clients who need something to help them keep track of their cash flow. It has formulas and cell references that add everything up nicely...I love it! Who needs Quickbooks! :)

These are just a few of the things I've added to my operational checklist. What's on yours?

Aspire to Plan!


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