Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Aspiring" Question of the Week - How To Get the Word Out

I had an overwhelming response to last week's question! I received over twelve email responses in addition to the comments left here on the blog. Thank you to everyone that sent in their feedback!

I am still compiling all the comments and will have that for you along with my responses in a post over the weekend.

This week's question deals with aspiring planners trying to find inexpensive ways to advertise and market their services.

Please leave your answers in the comments section. Kindly refrain from using real names and character bashing and assassination..this weekly Q&A is for education and empowerment. No need to call anyone out...because then I might have to send you to time out! Thank you!

What low cost and inexpensive advertising and marketing outlets have you used in getting the word out about your new wedding planning business? What worked and what hasn't worked? "Aspiring" minds want to know!

We'll address the answers in a subsequent post on Tuesday.

Let's see how this goes and I look forward to your feedback!

Aspire to Plan!


calisara said...

I debate about paid advertising... looking forward to the answers!

Having a website, getting it online in search results, and participating in wedding forums for chat purposes. Other than my time, it's worked well and sent a lot of traffic to my website, and often someone who read a thread is calling, rather than someone who particiapted. I like it because I'm building relationships in the community, and enjoying the rewards.

Bláithín O' Reilly Murphy said...

I wasted thousands on costly magazine and yellow pages type adds and really got nothing from them. What has really given my business a boost are mentions in newspaper or magazine articles. Initially we were contacted by journalists look for opinions/ ideas/ quotes. Now I pursue them when I can. They cost me nothing but a few minutes interview time on the phone or by email. They are great to add to the website and office huge exposure!

Carolyn Burke said...

To calisara - which wedding forums are you referring to?? I thought they were just for brides only.

Carolyn Burke - Wedding Liaison
St Louis MO

Jadana said...

I'm a new Wedding Planner who just launched my business in 2009. I have 17 years of event planning background and of those 17... 4 years of wedding planning background. I am new to my living location and I am desperatley trying to find the BEST way to get my name and business out there without breaking the bank. Please help :-)

Rachel said...

I am a new Planner as well, making the career change from Interior Designer. I am starting with practically no financial backing, so my marketing has to be LOW cost. I created a Facebook page and sent it to all my friends and asked them to send it to all their friends. Two of my fans so far are engaged! So, I'm hopeful that leads to something.

I am also attending our local Wedding Show and I am going to collect all the vendor's business cards. I will then send a card out to them with a couple business cards and a note saying how nice it was to meet them. I'll let them do the advertising for me from there!

I have a web page, and I post it just about everywhere I can, including on ads on Craigslist.

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